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BT Midland is a service-focused company working at the frontline to provide efficient internal material handling equipment and door solutions to customers in a wide variety of industries.

BT Midland 
was a joint venture established in Thailand in 1997 between BT Industries, Sweden and Midland Corporation. The BT and Raymond brands of material handling equipment and Crawford door and docking range are distributed and serviced throughout Thailand.


BT Industries was founded in 1946 in Sweden and grew to become one of the world largest manufacturers in internal warehouse trucks. BT Industries has expanded through acquisitions of Raymond Corporation, one of the major manufacturers of electric warehouse trucks from U.S.A. and Cesab, one of the leading manufacturers of counter-balance trucks from Italy.

In the year 2000 BT Industries was acquired and has since become part of the Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) of Nagoya, Japan and together form the world largest material handling company to date.

In the year 2018 TICO bought the majority shares (95%) of BT Midland and thus put the company to become TICO subsidiary.