Micro power charger

Micro Power Charger

Micropower’s product range includes everything from simple unregulated Wa chargers to computer-controlled thyristor or transistor-regulated 50Hz or HF chargers. The choice of charger is based on the type of battery, area of use and charging time.

When charging a freely ventilated lead battery at normal temperature and charging depth and an available charging time of 8-14 hours, a simpler Wa charger like the STC is quite sufficient.

Charging batteries in 2-3 shifts, with or without acid circulation and a short charging time, however, requires a regulated charger, for example the MTM or the MTM-HF. The same applies when charging batteries with special charging curves, such as valve-regulated (maintenance-free) batteries.

Microcomputercontrolled fully
automatic charger
• For all types of batteries
• From 12V/20A to 48V/130A or 80V/80A
• Standard charging curve IUIaU
• For battery dimensions up to 1 700Ah
• Temperature-regulated fan cooling on all models
• Overheating protected
• Short circuit protected
• Can be used as an onboard charger
• LED show the charging progress
• Available specially equipped for IP 44, as laboratory unit and for electric wheel chairs
• Supplied with cables and bracket for wall mounting.

SMC-HF 3200

SMC-HF 3220The small charger for the
large battery
SMC-HF chargers are controlled by the builtin
microcomputer. The diagram below shows an
example of IUIaU characteristics. Other characteristics are available on request. All chargers in the SMC-HF family provide constant current up to, for example, 2.40 V/cell, hereafter constant voltage at this level. The current drops to a pre-programmed level (depending on the size and type of battery) to later remain constant at this level for a time calculated for the charger depending on the degree of discharge. Charging ends with pulsed maintenance charging.

The charging progress is shown by an LED which is orange during charging, green when fully charged and flashing red when indicating a fault.

A fan starts to increase cooling if necessary. The fan is r.p.m.-regulated to run silently and to prolong life time.

The outlet is electronically protected against wrong polarity (fuse) and short circuit.

SMC-HF 600, 800 , 1600 are the perfect choice for onboard charging.

SMC-HF 600|800

SMC-HF 600-800The charger can easily be adjusted to a ”Ionic mixing”
charging algorithm to reduce charging time. It is achieved by current pulses during U1 and I2 charging phases.
The current pulses also mean that the over charging time
can be shortened. This results in shorter charging time.
SMC-HF charging curve

SMC-HF 1600

SMC-HF 1600 Safety functions
• The charger requires a voltage of 1.4–2.9
V/cell from a battery in order to start.
Without connecting the battery the charger
has no voltage.
• The charger operates with different switch
off timers. If these times are exceeded, the
charger will switch off and indicate an
error, or switch over to the next sequence.
• Automatic power reduction in the case of
insufficient cooling.
• Softstart before the charger reaches full

SMC-HF charger is also available as;
• Double insulated wheelchair charger
• Laboratory unit (SMP) for service and battery maintenance
• With temperature compensation
• With external LED
• Drive interlock for use as a built in charger

SMP-HF 600/800/1600 W

SMC-HF 600-800-1600 wSMC-HF 600/800/1600 W

are with their compact measurements
the ideal charger to be built-in to trucks,
scrubbers, sweepers and other electric


Current electric vehicles have larger battery capacities than in the past. This has put high demands on the charger. It should be smaller in size and at the same time being able to produce a higher output.

The built-in chargers are able to charge conventional open ventilated lead/acid, valve regulated GEL, NiCd and AGM batteries. The various chargers can charge batteries from 40-700Ah.

SMC-HF 6000 & 8000.

SMC-HF 6000 SMC-HF 6000 & 8000.
The family of SMC-HF has now been widened with two new models. These models have a large number of different voltages as well as charging currents.

The SMC-HF 6000 and 8000 has the genius handling solutions as the other models. However the larger models are equipped with new LED:s that gives a much brighter light that will be seen by the operators from long distance

The battery voltage and current is easily adjusted by triggering the button a few times.
The environmental IP classification is the same as other SMC-HF, IP20.

The weight of the charger is among the lowest on the market for the
equivalent power, just 15 kg for a SMC-HF 48V/130A. With other
words, it is a very light heavy weight.

The efficiency has reached a very  high level of 94%.