BT Movit N-series

Improve flexibility in operations with compact BT Movit towing tractors

The stand-in BT Movit N-series tow tractors are well suited for light-duty towing or order picking applications. They offer a towing capacity of up to 1.5 tonnes and a wide choice of load carriers. The narrow chassis design and low 70 millimetre step-in height give drivers improved manoeuvrability and comfort during material handling operations. Lightweight and versatile, these trucks are ideal for offices, small stores, warehouses, hotels, factories and hospitals.

Compact stand-in towing tractor for low intensity towing and order picking

N-seriesTSE100 / TSE100W / TSE150

Offering the shortest turning radius in the N-series, our TSE100W tow tractor is designed to dock with individual load carriers for efficient order picking and step-up solutions. The truck’s steering allows it to turn on its own axis, enhancing driveability in confined working areas. Suitable for use in offices, stores and warehouses, the TSE100/150 models for conventional towing feature a wide variety of load carriers. The N-series models offer a choice of chassis widths and are capable of towing multiple trolleys with a total load weight of up to 1.5 tonnes.

  • Towing capacity up to 1.5 tonne
  • PIN-code access
  • Narrow chassis
  • Quick battery exchange
  • Lightweight



Model Towing capacity (kg) Max. travel speed (km/h) Turning radius (mm)
TSE100 1000 12 1085
TSE100W 1000 12 1085
TSE150 1500 12 1440