BT Levio W-series

Discover the range of uses for BT Levio pedestrian powered pallet trucks

The BT Levio W-series of powered pallet trucks consists of six truck models, including the compact LWE130 for more light-duty applications and the LWE 200 is now available with Li-ion battery for multi-shift operations. The W-series also includes five other versatile pallet trucks with a load capacity up to 2.5 tonnes, making them suitable for all manner of material handling, including horizontal transportation and order picking.

Powered pallet trucks Lightweight pedestrian pallet truck for low intensity material handling


The LWE130 pedestrian pallet  truck is designed to be simple, safe and durable, whilst remaining productive. Compact, lightweight and offering load capacities of up to 1.3 tonnes, this powered pallet truck has easy-to-use controls for safe operation. These pallet trucks also include the BT Castorlink system as standard, which provides excellent stability in operation.

  • Load capacity up to 1.3 tonnes at 600 mm load centre
  • Fork lengths up to 1150 mm
  • Maintenance-free batteries with built-in charger
  • Ergonomic steering
  • BT Castorlink


Model Max lifting capacity (kg) Fork height (mm)
LWE130 1300 63

Pedestrian powered pallet truck for horizontal transportation and order picking

cover-power-w2LWE140 / LWE160 / LWE180 / LWE200 / LWE250

Designed with safety in mind, the powered pallet trucks in the W-series are easy to use, with an ergonomic tiller arm with fingertip controls. In tight spaces, the truck can be easily manoeuvred using the tiller arm in the upright position (Click-2-Creep). Other safety initiatives include excellent truck fork-tip visibility and PIN code entry system. As well as BT Castorlink, these powered pallet trucks also include BT Powerdrive, an integrated drive and control system that provides excellent truck performance and efficiency.

  • Load capacity up to 2.5 tonnes at 600 mm load centre
  • Fork lengths up to 2350 mm
  • “Click-2-Creep” manoeuvrability
  • BT Powerdrive
  • BT Castorlink



Model Max lifting capacity (kg) Fork height (mm)
LWE140 1400 150
LWE140 1600 225
LWE140 1800 300
LWE140 2000 300
LWE140 2500 300