BT Levio R-series

Explore the features of BT Levio rider-seated powered pallet trucks

The truck models in the BT Levio R-series powered pallet truck range are perfect for long-distance handling of multiple loads. The seated cab offers enhanced driver protection and is ideal for material handling operations in distribution centres, warehouses and factories.

Rider-seated powered pallet truck for long-distance multiple load handling

cover-power-rLRE200 / LRE300 / LRE300T

The BT Levio R-series rider-seated powered pallet truck range offers improved driver safety due to its seated-cab design. These pallet trucks also have an adjustable seat, steering wheel and pedals to suit any driver, as well as a cushioned cab to reduce truck vibrations. The R-series trucks have high driving speeds of up to 19.9 kilometres per hour and load capacities up to 3 tonnes, allowing fast and efficient load transportation.

  • Load capacity up to 3 tonnes at 600 mm load centre
  • Fork lengths up to 3590 mm
  • Easy battery exchange for multi-shift operations (LRE200)
  • Driving speeds up to 19.9 km per hour
  • Enhanced driver comfort



Model Max lifting capacity (kg) Fork height (mm)
LRE200 2000 620
LRE300 3000 840
LRE300T 3000 1000