BT Autopilot

Discover how the Autopilot facilitates driverless operations

The unique Autopilot concept allows driverless operation for repetitive movement of goods. This not only increases efficiency, but also reduces manual labour, saving money. The LAE, SAE and RRE are ideal for repetitive transport and stacking in both manufacturing and picking processes. These include delivery of goods between production lines and storage areas, or between conveyor systems. The unique Autopilot concept makes BT warehouse trucks well suited for any driverless operations.

Automated powered pallet truck, stacker and reach truck for stacking and horizontal transport


LAE250 / SAE160 / RRE160/200/250

Based on standard truck designs, the LAE200, SAE160 and RRE models are fitted with advanced laser technology for navigation and safety. These automatic trucks improve productivity and save cost by reducing labour, goods damage and risk for work-related injuries. They can be used as ‘stand-alone’ trucks in simple installations such as transporting goods, or in larger operations with multiple trucks integrated with the customer’s Warehouse Management System. The trucks within the Autopilot range can be used in manual mode as a standard stacker or powered pallet truck, as well as in order-picking processes to increase productivity,.

  • Load capacity up to 2.5 tonnes
  • Lift heights up to 10 meter
  • Advanced laser technology
  • Integrate to ERP/WMS/MES, barcode scanning and voice terminals
  • Can be used as standard stacker,pallet and reach truck

How can automated forklifts simply optimise your warehouse?

Time is money: these days everything needs to go faster & cheaper. And of course in your warehouse you want this to happen in a safe way. Because let’s face it, who can afford to waste resource or slow down operations these days? So why not consider automating all repetitive tasks?


Get the most out of your operation and…

  • Optimise your flow of goods: automation contributes to a consistent workflow with efficient driving behaviour. Intelligent order and fleet software minimises transport distance and avoids clustering, improving productivity in your operations, 24/7.
  • Increase the safety: automated trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art safety laser scanners which detect any obstacle and stop when needed. This secures a safe working environment, even when working closely to humans.
  • Minimise damage: the highly accurate navigation and detection systems of automated warehouse forklifts will avoid causing damage to your goods, infrastructure and trucks. Which will also decrease your damage and service costs.
  • Optimise your use of staff: by having automated trucks doing the repetitive work, your workers become available to handle more complex tasks with added value.
  • Increase your energy efficiency: Charging of these trucks can be done automatically with Lithium-ion batteries, which don’t require any maintenance or human involvement.

Size doesn’t matter

No matter the size or type of your business, automation can be an added value. Yes, even for small warehouses and manufacturers. Whether you’re a logistics provider or working in production, the automation of certain processes according to your needs can add a new dimension of productivity. This can be done with a step-by-step approach, automating certain processes of everyday load handling; or a complete system conversion for large operations. Even the type of navigation can be matched to your business: reflector navigation if you have continually changing surroundings or natural navigation for environments remaining fairly constant, or dual navigation if you want a combination of both.

Smart charging

The Autopilots can be equipped with Lithium-ion batteries that are up to 30% more energy-efficient whilst reducing CO2 emissions. With the ability of auto charging, the trucks can charge quickly in between tasks without the need of personnel or charging rooms, making it fully automated.

Model Product Max. lifting
capacity (kg.)
Max. lifting
height (m.)
Max. travel speed (km/h)
LAE250 Automated lowlifter truck 2500 0.207 8
SAE160 Automated stacker truck 1600 4.7 8
OAE120CB Automated counterbalanced truck 1090 4.15 8
RAE160/200/250 Automated reach truck 1600/2000/2500 10 7.2
TAE500 Automated towing truck 5000 N/A 8